Alcohol has made a person sleepy and less coordinated.


BY TANIYA  | AUGUST 18, 2022 


Even though alcohol is known for its pathetic formula of affecting the person’s body in a most negative and unannounced way yet it has been  a form of attachment which is continuously lingering in the communal persona of mass. Be it factually or intuitively, the drink has literally crossed more than millions of liver and has cut down the lifespan destroying the families and making them stand on the catastrophic verge. This yellow drink has taken several forms with unique names but all of them have similar underestimated repercussions. About 10 percent of strokes, tuberculosis, hypertension , and epilepsy are caused by excess alcohol consumption.

As per the observations taken and synopsis carried out, somewhere down the line it might make  the mind and logical thinking of a person stagnant for a short span of time but the possible outcomes are way more vulnerable and creates disorders like insomnia, makes you less-focussed and concentrated. The individual just wants to thrive in the virtual world where his manifestations are becoming true even though the authenticity is way more far. And that delusional world seems to be a heaven to the mind which they never want to step out from and that in turn delivers addiction.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for upwards of 95,000 deaths every single year

Here are some validations why alcohol emphasises on sleepy schedules:

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1. Loss of Fluids-Alcohol can lead to a loss of fluids in our bodies. If you drink too much of it at a given time, this can increase the dehydration that our body feels even more.This is because alcohol can reduce the production of saliva in our bodies that can not only impact digestion but can also make our mouth feel dry.Overall, this kind of dehydration can end up making you feel tired and drowsy, leading to a sleepy effect.

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2. Sedative Effect-Alcohol has an impact on the central nervous system. It causes it to relax and wind down, creating a sedative effect on our bodies. This can then cause you to feel sleepy as your muscles become more relaxed, your heart rate lowers and you start feeling lethargic.This can put you to sleep quickly, which can sometimes be helpful for the first few hours of the night.

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3. Incoordination-Alcohol, as mentioned, has an impact on our central nervous system. Along with this, this can impair several cognitive functions in our bodies as well.As a result, it can become difficult for our bodies to stand up straight or move in the way we want to due to muscle relaxation. Our memory also becomes numb and the neurotransmitters may have a hard time relaying important messages.

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4. Alcohol as a Sleep Aid-Several people have a habit of consuming a small amount of alcohol every night to help them fall asleep. This tends to become a nightcap that is believed to improve the quality of sleep throughout the night. However, this might not actually have the desired impact on your body. While alcohol can make you feel sleepy and drowsy, this effect does not maintain itself throughout the night.

To be more precise, alcohol upsets or levens down the functioning of the central nervous system which makes the person vitally less minded and carefree.It has a very critical usage. Therefore we must try not to have it and promote the beginning shell of the movies in theatres which commands ‘Say, no to Alcohol’.


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