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Let’s Love it-Mamaearth1

Let’s Love it-Mamaearth1 BEAUTY || HEALTH & WELLNESS BY TANIYA  | SEPTEMBER 13 2022  Mamaearth is the D2C natural brand that has dominated India with over 80 beauty and personal care products through online and offline medium. It is an Indian company that has its headquarters in Gurugram(Gurgaon),India. With its co-founders Gazal Alagh and Varun …

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5 rare Beauty moisturizers

5 Rare beauty moisturizer BEAUTY BY TANIYA  | AUGUST 14, 2022  Tinted moisturisers often make us feel as if we are living in a different creamy world where our fragrances have taken over all the foul smells and our body has liberated that magnificent scent of touch .It’s lubricating nature protects the skin from dryness …

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5 rare beauty companies

5 rare beauty companies BEAUTY BY TANIYA  | AUGUST 14, 2022 It is the company or organization which is delivering meticulous products of different brands and has proved to be in the mainstream since years. Though there are some factors which hamper the overall growth of a brand or association yet they have continued to …

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