BY TANIYA  | AUGUST 18, 2022 

Health is the most delicate and harsh part of an individual’s body. It is like a middle layer of sandwich, the upper one symbolising life, the last one death and all that one puts in between garnishes the sandwich. It is the greatest of all wealth which we  have definitely realised during covid times, most gratifying and addressing appeal to the body whose normal functioning is vital to sustain on this planet.Taking in account of these health prospects, these organisations are fundamentally fulfilling their duties everyday to be at par with the increasing population and make their life intact in present and warn them for future delicacies.

Here are some supporting names of the organizations to justify the assertion I’m adhering to:

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1. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is headed by a Cabinet Minister, a Minister of State, and a Deputy Health Minister. These are political appointments and have a dual role to serve political as well as administrative responsibilities for health. It is headed by a secretary to the Government of India as its executive head, assisted by joint secretaries, deputy secretaries, and a large administrative staff. It promotes research through research centers and other bodies. It helps in regulation and development of medical, nursing and other allied health professions. Promotes establishment and maintenance of drug standards.

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2. The Department of Family Welfare was created in 1966 within the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The secretary to the Government of India in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is in overall charge of the Department of Family Welfare. He is assisted by an additional secretary and commissioner, and one joint secretary.It is involved in Maternal and child health.Helps in planning, monitoring and evaluating the programme performance and coordinates demographic research.

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3. The Department of Indian Science of Homoeopathy and Medicine was established in March 1995 and has continued to make steady progress. Emphasis was on implementation of the various schemes introduced such as education, standardisation of drugs, enhancement of availability of raw materials, research and development, information, education and communication and involvement of ISM and Homoeopathy in national health care.Most of the functions of this ministry are implemented through an autonomous organisation called DGHS.

4. The Central Council of Health was set up by a Presidential Order on August 9, 1952, under Article 263 of the Constitution of India for promoting coordinated and concerted action between the centre and the states in the implementation of all the programmes and measures pertaining to the health of the nation. The Union Health Minister is the chairman and the state health ministers are the members.

5. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. The WHO Constitution states its main objective as “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health”. They are currently working on obesity and overweight which is a literal problem of people nowadays due to pathetic food habits or because of some underlying disease.

Bringing the conclusion to an end , these associations are really putting all the essential endeavors to gather the confidence of the general masses and are tightening the grip to hold the health deterioration of the public. Therefore, it is vitally important to appreciate the efforts of frontline workers, doctors ,administrators and members of health council.

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