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BY SHOAIB  | november 13, 2022


From tiny and portable to sleek and modern, or unbelievably luxurious – homes come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Peruse our collection of stunning architectural beauties and dream – or plan – your own perfect abode. Look for ideas or just enjoy the impressive homes from around the world featured here. This selection of magnificent designs offers a variety of styles and special features.

1) Farmhouse décor that is charming and Modern

When many of us think of farmhouse décor the last thing we might contemplate is- modern. Farmhouse décor has never truly been a modern thing, until now. Having a rustic touch in your home can bring that cozy touch it is missing, especially if you have an overall modern space. You do not have to live in the country to have a farmhouse home, in fact, you do not need to only have a rustic home to have a cozy space. Keeping that in mind, the following farmhouse decorating pieces work well in an already charming home and/or a modern one. It’s all about creating balance and these ideas do just that.

Foyer is one of the most important areas in a home. It’s the preview of what’s to come. Taking into consideration that you want to decorate your foyer, yet don’t know how to, bring in a whitewashed element. Sometimes white can be too bright, or even too much in a room; however, whitewashed items give you the brightening effect without taking over completely. Bring in shiplap, and a whitewashed bench to bring a brightening effect that makes the foyer feel sleep and new. Pair with greenery to create some sort of easy balance.

If you feel your bathroom needs a farmhouse, rustic touch, consider getting wood mirrors and suspending them from the ceiling. Having suspended mirrors is not only visually appealing, but it makes a natural statement. It’s almost as if the room takes on an edgy touch without trying too hard. It’s a soft approach that makes the room feel rustic seamlessly. You want to make the mirrors feel like the main focus of the room, in a less obvious manner.

One decorating style that might not seem as farmhouse-ish or rustic is florals. While many of us remember the nostalgic pattern from visiting our grandparents, others don’t consider it at all. Even though florals have been for centuries they are rightfully getting the makeover they deserve. Not only are they becoming more modern and stylish, but they can be placed anywhere around the home. That is the best part about floral décor, it feels rustic and nostalgic yet it is oh so modern. Use a floral wallpaper in any area of the home that needs a little unique twist.

2) Stone fireplace Ideas for Classic, Intimate Charm

If there’s one thing fireplaces do well, is bring intimacy. They were pretty much created to make the room feel warm. However, there is one fireplace style that offers something a little fresher and even modern- a stone fireplace. Having a stone fireplace can easily and quickly vitalize your home instantly. It gives you a contemporary feel while still keeping it intimate and modern. Here are a few ways to upgrade your stone fireplace without having, it feel cold and frigid.

Having a large column is one of the best ways to embrace a stone fireplace. It’s all about going big and bold. Having a bold feature makes the room not only come to life, but it helps make the room feel grand all at once. Furthermore, a large gray centerpiece embraces the room, even when it’s small. It’s all about embracing the size and making it come to life.

If having a stone in the home is your main focus having a stacked appearance is the way to go. Stacked stone is great for those that want to make the stone the focus, without over-cluttering the room overall. We suggest going with a blonde stone for a minimal, cozy touch that doesn’t take away from the room’s aesthetic, especially if you want to keep it minimal.

For an edge that works with numerous decorating styles, work with charcoal stone. The stone itself, screams edgy. It’s darker, and richer while making a contrast that adjusts to the room’s aesthetic. If you want to bring an additional edge work darker hue’s into the room. It’s all about having the darker bits truly enhance the room’s appeal overall. You could even work with contrasting bits to enhance the darker shades.

3) Charming Window Seat Ideas That Bring The Outside In

Whether you have a small window seat or a large one, window seating has become a charming little nook that allows you to use it for multiple different things, including a breakfast nook, quiet reading area, or even a simple space where you can watch the sunset. However, even though they have their own sense of charm it is time to decorate them and bring them forth in your décor, regardless of where you have them in your home. The following charming window seat ideas will help you bring the outside directly in.

If we have a corner window seat, consider updating it by creating a simple lounge nook. Lounge nooks are one of the best ways to incorporate a window seat as they allow you to bring beauty to an area while having it become a top contender in what you use every single day. Additionally, it allows you to have a multifunctional space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a window seat as part of your dining room, then you might want to look into rearranging your dining room décor and making your window seating part of your dining space. Doing so not only bring the décor together, but it gives the nook space a new meaning or even additional seating.
Having a relaxing, warm, bedroom reading nook can help you want to open up a book or two during your downtime. This of it as your new favorite quiet space that allows you to watch the sunset and read your favorite book. 

When it comes to the décor make sure it flows well with what you already have but add a few throw pillows to enhance the space you might even want to add a cozy throw blanket.

If you already have the window space yet not sure what to do with it add a bench and give it the spotlight it deserves. Adding a bench not only makes it a focal point, but it brings extra seating to the room while embracing what the room naturally showcases. Consider adding extra seats or even stools to further enhance the seating.

An entryway window seat is a great form of decorating the area that many struggle to find the right décor for. Furthermore, there’s the element of having extra seating in your entryway where your guests can take their shoes off or simply sit and enjoy the view. Add an additional seat or cushions for a cozy appeal.

4) Bright White Dining Rooms

Even though dining rooms tend to be used almost every day, they’re not the main focus when it comes to decorating. The main reason for this is decorating the dining room can be a bit complicated- they sit right in the middle of the kitchen and the foyer which means they can blend well with either decorating themes. However, it can be a bit puzzling which is where a white dining room can be an excellent option- they’re white, clean, and work well with numerous decorating styles.

When it comes to brightening up any room, light fixtures are always a good idea. Particularly if the room feels a bit dreary or dark. That is where lanterns will come in- not only do they come in a unique fixture, but they feel authentic and warm due to how easily they blend in the space.

Although a room might be white in theory having bits of color is an excellent form of brightening up a room. Which is why floral curtains work quite well. Add colorful curtains that come with hints of white for a seamless approach.
Art is not only beautiful, but they say a whole lot about a homeowner. With that being said, oversized art pieces can make a small room appear larger and more put together, it is also another form of creating personality in the room.

If you want to continue with a light theme, pastel pink is the way to go. Pastel pink is soft and subtle which allows you to work with other decorative bits. Additionally, the color is soft enough to weave into the white dining room without creating a bold upgrade.

5) Everything You Need To Know About Coastal Décor

There is just something about feeling the grittiness of the sand between your toes and smelling the salt water in the air that seems to bring peace to the mind and soul. Nevertheless, we all know during the winter that may not be possible. Therefore, why not transform your home into the oasis of your dreams with just the right amount of décor. While many will think this can only be achieved through expensive décor, we are here to share that is not the case. You can have your coastal dream easily created with these tips and tricks we will share below.

Vibrant colors are quite iconic to the coastal décor, they bring vitality, awaken the space and help the home feel sort of “vacation-like.” From vivid pinks that can be found in Hawaiian sand, daring greens that reflect off of palm trees and rich blues that bring that beautiful watery hues inspiration is not only endless, but it works exceptionally well to have a multitude of these colors and work them seamlessly everywhere you feel needs a bit of something extra.

Where would coastal décor be without an added hint of greenery? Greenery is quite important, and we are absolutely loving it, not only is it a big part of coastal décor but it has been proven to be excellent for mood-boosting. For a bold effect go for large green plants that make a statement on their very own.

Whoever said neutrals weren’t fun has never met a beach home in their life. An all-white room near the beach is always a blissful idea, but in order to prevent it from feeling flat, you want to add other neutrals that bring beauty and a sense of texture to the space. Work with hues of sand, browns, beige and off white.

Sheer curtains are a great way to add a window treatment that helps give the room an “open” aesthetic. Moreover, this helps you have an open feel to the room without taking away from your décor. They provide some sort of privacy while still having an airy and light quality to it.

The key to coastal décor is an open floor plan display; therefore, you want to keep the area open yet allow it to flow throughout. Ensure the room feels put together yet feels unique in its own manner.

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