Home interior wall colour combinations to suit every mood


BY SHOAIB  | November 05, 2022


Finding the perfect wall colour combination is difficult, as well as crucial, if you are looking to revamp your house with limited resources. Therefore, proper planning and its execution is necessary to select a wall paint colour combination. One should keep all angles in mind while deciding the interior paint colours. With this article, we like to share a few ideas that will help you pick the best home interior colour combination for Indian homes.

Wall colour combination #1
Yellow and white

If you want to experiment, try this white and yellow wall colour combination to your house. This is one of the most trending interior colour combinations for Indian homes.
It’ll add some extra space and calmness in your room and make it look much modern and spacious. The amounts of appreciation you’ll get for choosing this combination is going to increase .

Colour combination for Indian homes #2 Peach with white highlights

The calm and cool peach colour is not something that overwhelms you. You don’t need to have white walls to complement the colour scheme. Use them as highlights. This will be an ideal home painting colour combination for any Indian home.
It will add a modern touch and make your room look much attractive and calm.
 It is a classic combination that gives a royal touch to your bedroom. The palette of peach, white and grey colour or black, reflects sophistication and can be an ideal choice for the bedroom décor.

Wall paint colour combination #3
Red and white

The red and white colour combination is often used for living rooms in India. While red colour oozes out drama and warmth, white complements its dark tone, giving a light breather. Pair red with white and blue for your living room. If you want to keep things chic and casual in the living room. These two colour combinations are another match made in heaven. You can never go wrong with it! The cool white gives a calm and red is for mixing romance.

Home interior colour #4
Purple and white

With white background, a light shade of purple, which is neither like lavender nor like eggplant shade, would do wonder for your living room. This wall paint combination colour is apt for any modern home.  You can use a purple wall paint design on your ceiling and let it stand out like a purple bedroom by using normal bedroom colours.
The white and purple combination is not a very popular mix but it’s a very serene and calm juxtaposition of colors and this makes it perfect.

Home painting colour combination #5
White and green

The white background will accentuate the beauty of green colour. This wall colour combination is neither dull nor boring. This wall paint combination colour would look unique and outstanding. These dark shades of white and green, when together, promote an accentuated sense of calm and intimacy. When used for a section of a bedroom.
Also, add some minimal and personalised decor to your room and create a space of comfort and belonging. 

Wall colour combination #6
Blue and white

Blue is the easiest and subtle colour to be introduced in your home. Its shades have different effects on home interior, depending on the way they have been used. The blue and white wall colour combination would look pleasing to eyes.
White colour goes well with any shade of blue to add a perfect touch to your bedroom. In this combination, you can choose a lighter shade of blue paired with white stripes on one wall to give a majestic look to your bedroom walls.
Blue and white will never go out of style. This eternally classic combination brings a fresh, polished feel to any space but it especially works in a bathroom setting.

Home painting colour combination #7
Pink and purple

Pink and purple are shades of the same colour family. They are widely used to deck up houses. The result is often marvellous. This could be your go-to interior colour combination for Indian homes, especially in areas that remain hot throughout the year.
Suited for both adults and kids, pink is a shade that instils self love. Pair the shade with a soft hue of purple like a lavender is perfect for master bedroom.
Purple combined with pink can be fashionable and feminine especially if darker colors are in the palette to add some contrast. In the palette below the dark blue and light gray provide contrast for the bright pink and purple.

Home interior colour #8
Orange and white

Like a perfect home interior colour, orange is often used in Indian homes. If you pick orange as a colour scheme for the room, choose neutrals shades as complementary colours .Orange and white colour combination brings out dramatic vibes in your living rooms. While orange reflects energy, white does a balancing act. They look beautiful and soothing together. Orange has a lively, playful vibe that energizes a room. Oranges range from soft and cheerful to boisterous and loud. Combining orange with conventional white produces a refined mood in the master bedroom. 

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