Mamaearth is the D2C natural brand that has dominated India with over 80 beauty and personal care products through online and offline medium. It is an Indian company that has its headquarters in Gurugram(Gurgaon),India. With its co-founders Gazal Alagh and Varun Alagh incorporated Honasa Consumer Private Limited in 2016 and launched the mamaearth range of toxin free products. 

Highlighting the tagline ‘Goodness inside’ they have enhanced the range of required artefacts and are assuring the most superior quality as required. They have filled the market with planting of a sapling that directly contributes to the well-being of the environment.Their motto has manifested people to work in a sustainable environment and cultivate the world with authentic measures and products. With a plethora of products in view, we will be discussing the essential aspects of a product and reviewing it keenly.

goodness of mamaearth

“It’s never about the pretty face or body but the beautiful mind and soul that has the capacity to engage the environment.”

goodness of mamaearth

Mamaearth verified it

Mamaearth tea tree face wash has taken over the peak of the mountain, the product is eventually trying to overcome the most common facade of most of the people i.e. acne scars which makes the skin look uncomfortable and incompatible with the environment. It is completely silicon and paraben free so that it does not have any harsh effect on the skin.

It has a decent effect on oily and pimple-prone skin and works well with sensitive areas too. It dearly believes in saying goodbye to acne and open arms for clear skin with the goodness of Tea tree. Controlling excess oil, it clears pores and fights acne. With the smoothness of aloevera gel, it helps redness, swelling and inflammation.

The combination of tea tree and salicylic acid not only kills acne-causing bacteria, gently remove impurities from the clogged skin pores, making skin clear and pimple free but also soothes any sign of acne inflammation, redness or irritation on the spots and improves skin’s resilience. 

The product has been dermatologically tested and has no unnatural effect or repercussion on the skin making it suitable for all skin types. It has a calming odor that embellishes the beauty of the product and makes it even more user-friendly. It is fairly available on Amazon and other online platforms , compacted with tea tree spot gel at a minimal price.



Acne spot gel tops the mamaearth benchmark

The gel treats acne by clearing clogged pores and the powerful antioxidants reduce acne marks for an even skin tone. It is lightweight and effective, gets quickly absorbed in the skin, killing acne-causing bacteria and controlling excess oil . It helps demeaning active acne breakouts, promotes clear skin. This has been beautifully carved with 4 stars out of 5 and has been averagely rated 3.2 on amazon creating significant impact in the lives of the people.

In a nutshell, the product has countered the desired results holding a marvellous place in the daily lives of the people and has provided more lucidity to the argument there’s a problem to every solution even the harsh ones. The creation of this product has literally streamlined the beauty and authenticity  marking its presence forever. We will be outreaching the reviews of more such products, all we need is patience to hold on to our delicacies.

goodness of mamaearth

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