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10 Essentials Every Man Needs in His Bedroom

There’s nothing sexy about a guy’s room filled with band posters and resembles a college student’s man cave. You’re an eligible bachelor - a gentleman to some - and your room needs to reflect that. So roll up those posters and toss those cartoon-themed bed sheets as we tell you the 10 essential items that every man needs in their bedroom.

Manly Comforter Kit

Remember when we told you to trash those comic-themed bed sheets? Well here’s your replacement. It’s visually striking and perfect to add that splash of color to your room.

Photograph Frames

A true gentleman should distinguish himself from a poster bro by having some framed pictures of family and friends. These antique brass frames from World Market add a touch of class and color.


It’s never a bad thing to have some kinds of plants in your room to keep your place more alive. They add some color and life and make your bedroom feel more comfortable. If you’re a frequent traveler or just seem to kill every plant that you have ever owned, it’s not a bad iea to invest in some fake plants! World Market makes some amazing fake plants that are sure to bring your bedroom to life!

Wood Bedframe

Gone are the days of plopping your mattress on the floor. A true gentleman has a bedframe and this highly recommended grey bedframe from Ashley is a perfect addition to the bedroom. With plenty of storage and ambient lighting, you can’t go wrong with this bedframe!

Full Length Mirror

Going out on a date? Perhaps your job interview is coming up later in the day? If you’ve ever had to see how you look in a tiny bathroom mirror then you’ll know why this item is high on our list. You’ll never really know how good you look unless you have a full length mirror. Plus, your girlfriend will be forever grateful whenever she’s over at your place.

Blackout Curtains

If you’re a light sleeper, work the graveyard shift, or simply want to sleep in, you’ll need blackout curtains. They are made of a thick material that helps to block out most light.

Bluetooth Speaker

When a crappy laptop speaker or your phone’s speaker won’t cut it, you’ll need a bluetooth speaker. This speaker from Sonos features amazing bluetooth connectivity and has some of the best sound in its class. From parties to intimate nights, this speaker will do it all.


Before you rush to judge, remember that candles aren’t just for women. Get a candle with a dark and spicy aroma for an intoxicating smell while providing the perfect ambient lighting for that intimate moment with your special someone.

Self-Improvement Books

Nothing is sexier than knowledge so start building your book collection with this bestseller by Dale Carnegie!

A Safe

This is easily one of the most overlooked items especially for the younger man. You have important documents and valuables that need to be protected. This fireproof and waterproof safe from Sentry is perfect for storing extra passports, cash, and even old pictures of family and friends.

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