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10 Retro Furniture Essentials

Retro style is BACK! Trending and in fashion, this style includes the sleek and slender 50’s, the psychedelic and bold 60’s, earthy/chunky 70’s designs, and heavily art deco influenced 80’s. Being that the style includes a variety of looks, we’ve mined the high points from these time periods to compile trendy picks just for you! In contrast to the minimalist modern aesthetic, our furniture picks incorporate elements from the mid- to late- 20th century in a fresh contemporary way. Stay tuned for our10 Retro Furniture Essentials!

Eames Lounge Chair

An iconic chair straight out of the 50’s, the Eames Lounge chair was designed around human ergonomics. It’s unique 15° reclining angle was engineered to relax the whole body and provide optimal comfort for the sitter. It’s the prodigy child of an ottoman and an armchair, and has been a popular product for over half a century.

Sofa Bed

This classic sofa bed is sure to be a conversation point for guests as its use is not immediately clear. Fashionable? Yes. Too deep for a couch and too narrow for a conventional bed? Maybe, but that’s what makes it so special. It was born out of functionality yet stylishly crafted. Paired with a Bohemian rug, it makes for the perfect setup.


This piece lays the groundwork for a beautifully designed retro styled room with unmatched versatility. Serving as a seat, footrest, storage unit, or tabletop it’s the perfect furniture piece for tight spaces and budgets.


This sofa exudes retro charm and creates a memorable living space to engage in. It’s upholstered with velvet fabric and can be ordered in various pastel colors. Toss on some multi-colored throw pillows for a dash of color!

Nesting Table

The 70’s were all about glam and this nesting table set with a luxe gold finish is just that. Used as either an entry table or side table, it is an elegant home addition. See below for a matching set of chairs!

Hammock Chairs

Chair and swing in one? Yes, you’ve heard it here first folks. This elegantly retro set will add vibrancy and comfort to both indoor and outdoor areas. It’s velvet seats are surprisingly comfortable and paired with the nesting table above make for a great conversation niche!

Pastel Accent Chair

Pastel pink with brass structure is a classic look straight out of the 80’s. With a splash of luxe these chairs will add elegance to the room and pair perfectly with other pastel furniture. Maybe even hang a neon light decoration above them?


Fashionable and functional, this retro couture dresser is the perfect blend of luxury and trendiness. The capped legs are a classic retro style detail done in a silver finish on this piece, adding a bit of sophistication to the bedroom.

TV Stand

Again with the pastels! This time paired with stately pine wood legs. There is plenty of concealed storage space in this TV stand for accessories, a PS5, or board games and yet is an artistic focal point for movie nights with family and friends.

Bar Stools

Red barstools! Of course! We’ve saved the best for last. Picture the classic red barstools at the local diner with chrome trim but add a smidge of stylish elegance. These adjustable leather bar stools have contoured seats and backrests and are sure to give your living space the pop it needs!

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