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10 Rustic Furniture Essentials

What is the “Rustic” look? How can I put together a rustic room...or house? Rustic style can range from farmhouse to Tuscany and covers a broad number of styles, but there are some basic factors that really define the Rustic look. All in all, it embraces a natural feel.

Rustic style can be described using 4 words: natural, aged, rough, and casual. As you can imagine there are numerous ways to incorporate these into different styles like cottage or Tuscany, but usually the furniture piece will incorporate raw materials to give it an earthy, unfinished feel. In order to achieve that, many furniture pieces are handmade giving each piece its own personality. Textures are few and far between, ranging from rough cut wood to smooth stones but colors tend to stay within a narrow palette of greens, browns, and greys. Most of all, the Rustic style is warm and inviting. Below are our top 10 Rustic furniture picks which add that Rustic essence to any room.

1. Modern Farmhouse Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet piece combines industrial iron pieces, with the rustic wood finish, along with the modern clean white cabinet. This would definitely fit into more of the Modern Rustic category but can be paired with industrial, rustic, or modern furnishings. There are also slight variants of this cabinet that are more Rustic or more Industrial without a splash of modern styling.

2. Side Accent Table

Paired with a dark leather couch or even suede, this accent table accentuates the Rustic styling in the room. It is refined yet natural, incorporating iron into various stains of wood that are guaranteed to match your specific Rustic style.

3. Galvanized Stools

These could honestly be pails straight out of a farmhouse with some planks on top. How much more authentic can it get than that? Perfect for hidden storage, serving as stools or stands, these Rustic pieces will definitely add a country cottage style to your entryway, dining area, or living room.

4. Industrial Rustic Pipe Shelf

Need some extra storage space in the kitchen or for drinks at the bar? This Rustic Industrial Pipe Shelf goes over the top with a gauge and faucet knob to complete the look. It’s sturdy build is sure to last a lifetime and is also configurable with different setups.

5. Lift Top Coffee Table

I’ve personally had one of these tables and they are SO useful. I had it in front of the sofa and would use the lift top to eat, work, etc with the extra storage space being a huge plus. Besides the functionality, this specific coffee table has a great rustic wood finish that will be a statement piece in any living room.

6. Retro Pendant Light Chandelier

This is by far one of my favorite Rustic pieces that really stands out. The Edison light bulbs, distressed wood, and chains really come together for an Industrial Rustic look. Whether it’s over a pool table, dining table, or kitchen bar it is sure to be an attention grabber and take the room to a whole other level of class.

7. Ladder Rack

In my opinion this ladder is a crucial piece whether you’re going for a Country Rustic look, Farmhouse Rustic, or even a Tuscany Rustic was a darker stain. Functioning as a towel holder in the bathroom or a display of tapestry in the living room, this ladder rack is sure to give the room a Rustic look.

8. TV Stand

If you have a lighter themed Rustic look going on, then this piece would be a perfect addition for the living room or family room. For only $130, this simple design is a perfect canvas that allows you to customize the space to your liking!

We had to include another TV stand, as this piece is simply outstanding in it’s still yet natural design. Made from pine wood with an oak finish, this piece is definitely more along the lines of a Farmhouse Rustic style, and would be a classy addition to your living room.

9. Natural End Table

A little something missing from the room? This might just be it! Serving as a lamp stand, decorative display, or just a convenient place to set your book, this piece fits perfectly beside a couch or chair. The supporting branches can be had in white or natural wood color, pairing perfectly with your specific Rustic style.

10. Decorative Pieces

Rustic Clock

Farmhouse Window Pane

Solid Wood Paneling

Farmhouse Industrial Gear Decor

Antler Bowl

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