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8 Bohemian Decor Ideas

The Bohemian or Boho aesthetic embodies the care-free spirit and is full of life and culture. Rule-breaking yet exocit, boho interiors are a mainstay among world travelers and art connoisseurs alike. By taking from objects from around the world, boho style is highly customizable and allows the designer to style their living space however they may please.


World Market is a treasure trove of boho decor ideas. Drawing from the southwest, this loveseat features bold florals and Mexican folk-art-inspired patterns that are sure to add pizzazz to any living space.

Rattan Chair

Looking for an accent piece that reminds you of your honeymoon in Bali? Made in Indonesia, this rattan cocoon chair is perfect for a tropical-themed room that looks like it was transplanted straight out of Southeast Asia.

Swivel Chair

This personality-filled chair is a perfect example of Bohemian style. The green velvet adds a dynamic focal point that would pair beautifully with an earth-toned velvet sofa. Flank your christmas tree with two of these chairs and you’ll create a space that all of your friends will be clamoring to for a photo op.

Sunburst Mirror

This Sunburst Mirror from Target is sure to create a unique focal point. Metallic tones are highly favorable in Boho aesthetics and this mirror would add some dynamic personality to any living space.

Side Table

This circular-shaped white ceramic side table can double as a stool! Its fun personality brings energy to any space it is added to and can also serve as an accent piece to a mediterannean-inspired living space.

Decorative Urn

This ceramic temple jar is an updated version of an urn featuring a clean, white look with a carved-out exterior. Transport yourself back to an East Asian temple with this beautiful accent piece on Wayfair!

Antique Globe

This one may seem a little too obvious but for the world traveler, this is a must-have. The aged map and brass stand make this a quirky and charming addition for a boho office space.

Jute Rug

Jute rug, jute design, boho rug, boho style
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This handwoven Jute rug resembles a traditional rug from Africa. Combine this with leathers, bronzes, and clays for a living space transplanted straight from Africa!

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