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Top 10 Contemporary Picks

One of the most fancy, stylish furniture designs in my opinion...Contemporary, which quite literally means “in the present.” Contemporary style 30 years ago is not the same as it is now and it will be different 30 years from now, but present-day Contemporary is a classy look for your living space and we have a few decor tips for you.

1) Neutral colors are a staple. These are shades of white, tan, black, and grey but by no means does this have to be boring, with pops of accent colors to bring the room to life.

2) Keep it simple. The interior decor should not look busy, but rather make a statement utilizing solid colors in place of bold patterns. Textured materials can be added to provide visual variety while maintaining a simple look.

3) Utilize empty spaces. If you have a bare corner or large wall decorate it with a single picture frame or chair in the corner. Remember, keep it simple!

4) Sculptural shapes. This is achieved through a combination of lighting, furniture, and accent pieces. For example a sleek, simple chair combined with curved light fixtures or sculptural accent piece.

5) Embrace the structure. Whether it be exposed pipes, air ducts, cement walls, or exposed brick, incorporate the architectural detail into the contemporary design. Of course nothing explains it better than pictures so stay tuned for our Top 10 Contemporary Picks!


Light fixtures play a crucial role in the overall Contemporary style in the home. This pendant lighting is sleek and simple yet sophisticated with it’s twisted design. The brightness and hues of this light can be configured easily with just the push of a button.


A key piece in any living room is the couch and we’ve got the perfect one for you. This Contemporary velvet sofa by Mopio is both comfy and stylish, offered in a variety of colors although it is best in neutral colors for a truly, Contemporary look.

Area Rug

A mix of neutral colors and modern design makes for a seamless pairing with existing room decor. Made with resiliency against everyday wear-and-tear this rug is perfect for high traffic areas.

Bed Frame

Going for Contemporary styling in your bedroom? This bed frame adds the perfect touch with simple, stylistic design. The neutral grey color is easy to pair with a contemporary dresser, night stand, or accent piece.


Almost identical to the Bowery Hill Contemporary Dresser, this piece is a third of the price! It’s simple, clean design makes it a perfect addition to the bedroom and pairs spectacularly with the bed frame above.

Chair Set

Want to transform an empty corner into a conversation niche? These stylish leather chairs are perfect to pair with a side table decorated with a sculpture or plant!

Outdoor Seating

Remember, simple design and neutral colors are the name of the game when it comes to Contemporary Design. This outdoor armchair is classy and extremely comfortable, making it the perfect piece to begin the transformation of your outdoor area. Roveconcepts also has matching outdoor coffee tables, love seats and sofa to fit your needs!

Office Space

If you’re one of the millions now working from home and want to make your home office exquisite, this desk is it. With subtle brass metal detailing and finishes in either walnut, matte black, or white lacquer this desk is sure to inspire the highest quality work. It’s an investment with a great ROI.

If you need an elegant chair to match the desk, this ergonomically friendly leather office chair fits the bill. In either black white or grey it’s sure to fit your Contemporary office style.

Finally, the perfect office lighting is essential and this stainless steel spiral lamp offers just that. At the touch of the lamp the lighting changes between warm white light, natural white, and cool white.

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