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Rajasthan  has always been known for its splendid beauty and magnificence. The grandeur of the place has exuberantly resonated with the minds of the general mass and people are quite fascinated with the lavish forts, embedded architecture, unique wearing and lifestyle, authentic and healthy food. The tangent to these beauties is extending its corner to every possible dimension of the world increasing the tourism all around the world. The vintage outlook gives a lucid royal feel with a slight contemporary touch of sweetness in the hearts and language of Rajasthanis. Here are a few places that you can visit on your trip to Rajasthan.

Jal Mahal, jaipur

Jal  Mahal also known as ‘Lake Palace’, it is located on ManSagar Lake having the stunning architecture and excellence. It is known to be the pride of the city and is surrounded by Aravalli hills on one side with marvellous city Jaipur on the other side. It is said that this certain infrastructure was built to enjoy the breeze and scenic intimacy of the lake. The surroundings are beautifully crafted and originated with fresh leaves.

Amber Fort

One of the massive forts, it is situated on the top of a tiny hill and is 11 kilometers from the mainstream city. The ballroom is an astounding place made of pale yellow and pink sandstones and white marbles. The fort is divided into four portions, each having it’s own courtyard and it also consists of underground tunnels connecting to Jaigarh Fort.

Hawa Mahal, jaipur

The fort situated in the main city has diverted almost all attention towards itself. The reddish-pink carved stones beautifies the architecture even more. It consists of different floors with sceneric views of hills on one side and local market view on the other side. There are bifurcated photo booth compartments or tiny windows to pose for a photoshoot. A section of original Rajasthani singers and musicians in their state designated costumes coordinates the environment in a peaceful state.

Foy Sagar Lake

It is Rajasthan’s most picturesque and pervasive destinations. The city’s renowned tourism place has infatuated the mass for the serenity and tranquilty it offers giving 360 degree view of Aravalli hills. It is also a favourite picnic spot in winters.


This is Rajasthani’s traditional folk dance originated with jubilancy all around. The traditional costumes in the form of ghaghras and vintage ornaments drives the performance even more gracefully. Earlier this is know to be performed by Bhil tribe to mark the honour of Goddess Sarasvati and then later on, it is adopted by Rajasthanis. The ladies in these avatars literally resonates with the culture of the state and give a greasy and vibrant ardour.


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 The eminent dish of the state comprises of gram flour puddings greased with the mediocre thickness gravy with added spices and delicious flavour. Embedded with healthy and staple item, it aces the food ranking of the state.


It is circular in shape infusing dry fruits, malai, kesar, ghee and sugar syrup all at one place. The appetizing desert is marked with festivals like Teej and Raksha Bandhan and is cornered with crunchy and profound taste.

In a nutshell, the place is a great way to rejuvenate the mind spreading sauces of smiles and calmness in the soul and surroundings.

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