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BY SAUMYA RAI | JAN 25, 2023 


You’re always told to pick one feature, but sometimes you can get away with bold eyes and bold lips together. Learn how to break the rules and accentuate two features with our guide.

Yes, sporting a smoky eye and a vibrant red lip simultaneously can seem scary and feel too much. Beauty experts usually advise us to stick to one feature, and pair a classic red lip with little to no shadow or liner, or a dark metallic eye with simple nude lips. This works best most of the time, but sometimes it can be fun to try out both at once.

Imagine putting in less than 10 minutes of your already ‘running ahead of you’ morning to do your makeup, without the worry of getting smudged panda eyes and still looking effortlessly chic and polished. Sounds like a dream right? This is where the “Bare eyes Bold lips” look makes a smashing entry!


How To Get The Look ?

The basic idea behind this look is to draw the attention away from the eyes towards the lips. This look comes in as a savior to mask fatigue and is great for Monday mornings when most (honestly all!) of us are running late. It is also good for people who are not so good with eye makeup and won’t mind giving their eyeliners a miss. Moreover, this look is highly versatile as you can play around with lip colors and take the look from day to night and stand out on any ocassion.

1. Prep It Up


No amount of makeup will make you look chic and polished if your skin is not taken care of. Make sure to follow a skincare regimen that suits your skin type. Another important thing is to never skip SPF !! Not using SPF can lead to breakouts and even early signs of aging.

2. A Clean Canvas


Starting off with the base, for the “Bare eyes Bold lips” look, less is more. You can opt for a bb cream, a cc cream, a tinted moisturizer, a tinted sunscreen or even a sheer coverage foundation. Make sure your base makeup should match your actual skin tone. The main aim is to have an evened out skin while letting your actual skin breathe. You can use a makeup sponge or even your finger tips to apply the base to give it a more natural look. Make sure to blend it well.

3. The Brows 


Groomed and trimmed eyebrows really define the facial features. Especially for this look, since not much emphasis is being put on the eyes, it becomes all the more  important to have well defined brows to frame the face. Now no one has the time, energy or skills to get those “on trend” soap eyebrows in the morning but just filling in the sparse areas can do the job. Grab your favorite eyebrow pencil and just fill in the sparse areas using tiny hair-like strokes.

4. The Eyes

woman, knitwear, eyes-2563491.jpg

Now, we know that this look is all about those bold lips but we can’t leave the eyes untouched right? You can go for a tinted eye base or a neutral eyeshadow to even out those eyelids. Curl your lashes to open up those peepers. You can also apply a light coat of mascara if that’s your weapon of choice for sleepy mornings.

5. The Showstopper – Lips !


Coming to the main event, the lips. Since, the base and the eyes were not much played upon, take your time with the lips. Grab a lip liner close to your actual lip color and line your lips. Don’t go overboard. Draw the natural shape of your lips. Grab any lip color under the sun. You can go for corals, a bright orange, a fiery red, a vintage plum or even a grungy brown. Feel free to choose the formula that works for you. You can go matte, creamy or even glossy. Start applying the color from the center of your lips. You can use a brush or even your fingers to spread the color out. 

Voila! You got the look to beat those Monday blues and to shine at any occassion.

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