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BY SHAHZAR  | January 25, 2023

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If you can establish a strong foundation of basic casual attire, building your wardrobe becomes easier. From the basics, you can add in novelty or simply stick to the classics. Nailing casual basics is easy, allow us to help guide you. This is a casual basic outfit guide for the modern man, it does not include suits and business dressing. Once you have decided on your favorite shirt and pant styles (or fits) it is just a matter of putting the outfits together. Below is a simple guide to pairing the pieces.


If you are still not paying attention to combinations in your style then its your time to wake up! Start experimenting with new colour and and designs in your wardrobe , making it more versatile .

Increase your knowledge about colour coding and matching  topics (tonal dressing , neutral colours, the colour wheel ,etc)

 For Example:

White shirt – Blue jeans – Brown shoes

Black t-shirt – Blue jeans –White shoes 

Maroon shirt – Black trouser – Black boots

 Denim jacket – white T’s – blue jeans – converse  


Layering is a must if you don’t want to look too simple or boring , you won’t believe how much depth in your fashion layering can add .

With layering you should be careful as layering heavily depends on the occasion .

Going out with friends to chill? A simple denim shirt over a white t-shirt will do. 

Going on a dinner date and wanna try a casual outfit? Go for a Denim jacket with an unbuttoned shirt over a simple T-shirt   


In 2023, if you are still not investing your time in choosing the right accessories then you surely are missing out .Choosing the right accessories is an important part of your style.

Here are some must try accessories for you:

Watches :

You should increase your knowledge about watches (formal watches, semi casual watches , dress watch etc)

A more designer watch results In more concerned and careful approach in matching it with your outfit

A simple watch with a simple design can go with multiple outfits , no matter what the occasion is .

Ring :

Let’s admit rings never go out of fashion and do you know the type of ring you were shows a lot about your style?

The next you wear a watch, try wearing a simple ring and see how it enhances your look. 


A casual look with rolled up sleeves ? you can go a little bit experimental and try various hand bands 

A formal look with a suit maybe? You should keep the bands very subtle and simple 

Hand bands :

Hand bands are a very good option if you are looking for an alternative site that makes you stand out.

While choosing hand bands you should be careful , as there is a fine line between ‘Cool’ or ‘too much’ 





All the points mentioned above are pointless if you can’t get this one right as no matter how good you dress if they don’t fit you well or look as if you borrowed it from someone, you are wasting your time in dressing up. 

 Here are some quick tips :
If you are someone with a shorter height then you should avoid  going for baggy trousers and bell bottom jeans , instead go for a more narrowed trouser or jeans that don’t go down your ankle 

If you are someone who struggles to control their weight then you should not go for skin fit or too short clothes that lay emphasis on your body shape , instead you can go for loose clothing style with little bit of layering 


Choosing the right haircut helps you to take your style to the next level. While choosing a new haircut you should keep the following in mind:

Choose your style according to your face shape and Hair texture .

You should not colour your hair or go crazy with the style if you are not comfortable enough to carry it. Sometimes, even the simplest haircuts brings the best look out of you.



Finally to the point which we all men successfully ignore and always find some excuse to run away from it. But what if I told you , you have got it all wrong in your head , here are some tips :

By fitness , we all start imaging the picture of those bulky body builders in our head but we shouldn’t confuse fitness with body building but for looking attractive you just need a healthy physique . Here are some tips :

Try joining a sport 

Try having a healthy diet 

GO in a calory deficit 




You can try all the points above but if you are not confident enough, trust me, nothing will work PERIOD!

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